About The WaxyWax

The WaxyWax specialises in wax products, our full range is available to view on our wax melt page.

Our company exists because we have a love for wax, The WaxyWax have seen a gap in the market for sophisticated wax melts at an affordable price. 

We have created a selection of wax melts using the latest methods, ingredients and amazing quality wax sourced from UK based companies.  The wax we use has been mixed by us in Hampshire from different types of wax, to create our own bespoke blend. 

At The WaxyWax, the team spend a large amount of time developing the products, to ensure we are offering a product you will truly love. Once our blends are developed we have a team of testers who give us feedback, if the blend is successful, it will be offered for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to our successful wax melts we will soon be launching a range of candles. Our candles are currently being tested each day until they meet our high expectations. To create a beautifully scented candle involves much more than simply pouring wax into a container. You have to enjoy them, only then can you start the process of making them. at The WaxyWax we absolutely adore Candles and when its time, they will be released for everyone to enjoy.   


Our business isn't to release everything in one go, as the company grows, new products will be added to the store. Our high standards mean that once a product is available to purchase, you can be confident that it has passed all of our quality checks and is ready to fill your home with aroma.


For now, we would like to welcome you to the store. Feel free to contact us with any questions, or if you need any help with our products. 


The WaxyWax team.