About Our Burners & How To Use


The burners featured on The WaxyWax page have been chosen for their beautiful designs and quality. We have tested the burners to ensure they will meet your expectations when purchasing from The WaxyWax. 

 How to use the burners.

Using the burners isn't a chore. Following the provided tips will ensure you get the most from your wax melts.

Small burners require a 4 hour tealight and can take 10g to 15g of wax. Place a cube of wax into the bowl of the burner, then place a tealight under the bowl. You will then start to see the wax melt. Never use a larger tealight in a small burner, it could cause damage to the burner itself and can also cause damage to the wax. It could also burn off the scent too fast. 

It's quite normal to see a shimmer in our melts. Some of them have a biodegradable sparkle added for extra effect. Once the wax has been heated for a while the shimmer will fall to the bottom of the bowl. 

When the wax pool has formed, you may notice a vapour rising from the wax. This is the scent lifting from the wax to fill your home with a beautiful aroma. 

When you want to stop the process, simply blow out the tealight. The wax will slowly return to a solid as it cools. Caution must be used, you could blow hot wax from the bowl.

To start your wax melt again, relight the tealight and the process will start again. 

When you have finished the wax melt, we find it easier and a lot safer to blow out the tealight. When the wax has cooled, relight the tealight for a few seconds. It will melt the wax ever so slightly for you to slide the wax out. Please make sure you have blown out the tealight before removing the wax.

You can then use a kitchen roll to wipe the bowl if needed, ready for your next scent to be added.

Large burners can use an 8 hour tealight, or if you prefer and space is available, you could use two 4 hour tealights. Large burners can take more than 15g of wax.



If used incorrectly, burners can be dangerous. NEVER leave a tealight or burner unattended, near children or pets. Keep away from curtains and any other objects that could cause a house fire. If you have windows open, be mindful a gust of wind could cause curtains to move further than expected. Always follow instructions given with your chosen tea light.